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Medical Nutrition Therapy

The Medical Nutrition Therapy team at Soma Wellness is composed of a core group of Licensed Dietitians who specialize in the nutrition management of chronic diseases, specifically Chronic Kidney Disease and Type I, Type II, and Gestational Diabetes. Many insurance companies, including Medicare, will pay for medical nutrition therapy.

The team also specializes in the nutrition management of hypertension, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol & triglycerides, obesity, disorders of the kidney, and cancer.

Nutrition management means that we will coordinate your care with your physician and teach you what to eat & drink and what not to eat & drink in order to best manage your various conditions and get you back on the pathway towards health.


What You Can Expect

Before your appointment with the dietitian, we will mail you documents to complete at home. We will review these documents during your first visit. We combine the information you record at home with information you tell us during the first visit in order to develop a practical plan designed especially for you. The first visit usually lasts 60 or 90 minutes. Follow up visits may be as short as 15 minutes or up to 60 minutes, depending on your specific needs. Please keep in mind that your condition did not appear overnight, and therefore it will not disappear overnight! Multiple visits will ensure your success.

We will discuss your current medical condition as well as your previous medical and surgical history. We will review your medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) as well as lab results from you doctor.  We encourage you to bring one partner with you to meet with the dietitian. Whether it’s your spouse, sibling, or an adult child, whoever helps you with grocery shopping, cooking, or emotional support is welcome to attend.


Insurance and Payments

We accept Medicare and some commercial insurance. We are not currently accepting Ohio Medicaid. Ohio law requires a physician referral in order to bill your insurance company. The charge you may be responsible for varies by insurance company. If you do not have any insurance, arrangements can be made for cash payment at time of service or a payment installment plan. Please call in advance of your appointment to inquire about your options. Ohio does not require a sales tax on medical nutrition therapy.




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